Scorpio as ascendant

When Scorpio rises, it casts its influence on the entire birth chart. It energizes the individual's Sun sign and increases his or her emotional level, which, in most cases, is an asset. But, in the case of ''cool'' Sun signs - say Virgo, Capricorn, or Aquarius - there may be a conflict between expressing emotions and adopting a rational and logical approach. Scorpio will, however, add an element of get-up-and-go that will be especially valuable if it is in sync with other indications in the chart.

Rising-sign Scorpios are particularly keen to ''know themselves''.

Scorpio has the reputation for being the most sexy of the 12 signs - actress Goldie Hawn is herself a Scorpio.

In this pursuit, many even go through pyschoanalysis in order to ''get themselves sorted''. Their intention of untangling real or imagined complications in their lives is commendable, provided it does not turn into an obsession.

The Physical Being

The traditional Scorpio body areas is the genitals. It is probably due to this fact that Scorpio has acquired a reputation for being obsessed with sex. Be that as it may, the body area ruled by the Ascendant (and to a certain extent the Sun sign) is always vulnerable, so it is advisable that those who are sexually active do not take the risk of indulging in unprotected sex with new or casual partners. Women should get regular smear tests done, while men should regularly examine themselves for any signs of testicular cancer.

We cannot stress too strongly the

need for regular and demanding exercise - water sports, heavy team games, or martial arts are especially suitable. Physical energy must be properly used, if the typical penchant for rich food and good wine is not to lead to a dramatic increase in Scorpio's girth.

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