Scorpio as a sun sign

Over the years, Scorpio has had an indifferent reputation — it has even been considered "the bad sign". This is sheer nonsense. All signs have "good" and "bad" qualities, and Scorpio no more or less than the other eleven. In fact, this powerful sign bestows the highest level of physical and emotional energy of the whole zodiac. Those in whose birth chart it is emphasized — whether by Sun, Ascending, or Moon sign — are supported by strong resources which are the basis of great potential, and which can be expressed in countless ways.

It is their remarkable energy that singles out Sun-sign Scorpios. This energy must be positively channelled, and, if it is not expressed though a truly rewarding career or profession, or diversified in other meaningful directions, it stagnates, and the individual becomes vulnerable to feeling unfulfilled and restless, and suffering bouts of depression. In such cases these powerful emotions can be negatively expressed through the worst and most common Scorpio fault: jealousy (sometimes combined with resentfulness and brooding). In extreme cases, such negativity can lead to violence.

Most people born under this very impressive sign are big achievers.

The illustration for November from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416), with the Scorpion shown in the astrological chart at the top of the image.

The Scorpion, as depicted on the page for November from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript produced in France in around 1423.


Symbol The Scorpion Sun Sign Dates 24 October-22 November Ruling Planet Pluto, traditional ruler Mars Element or Triplicity Water Quality or Quadruplicity Fixed Positive/Negative Negative Body Area Genitals Polar Sign Taurus

Scorpios possess tremendous drive and a strong desire to ''go places''. Once they find the right goal for themselves in life, they approach it with determination and tenacity. They are capable of deep, incisive thought and sharp observation. In fact, their minds are rather like that of Sherlock Holmes' - they never miss a thing.

Scorpios have the reputation of being the sexiest among all the 12 zodiac signs. People tend to think that their preoccupation with sex leaves them with little time for anything else. However, this is not true. A detailed study of this sign often reveals that a Scorpio's positive energies usually find expression through a variety of ways. For instance, here is the dedicated homemaker, who works 24/7 for her family and keeps her home immaculate. Or the man who has a physically demanding job, but whose heart and soul is in his garden, boat, camera, or his model railway.

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