School Days

A school that has sensible rules and is quick to recognize individual potential and talents will be best suited to a Sagittarian child. If the young

Sagittarian thinks a rule is silly, the chances of his or her abiding by it are nil. Therefore, careful explanations are essential, even if boredom sets in during the lecture session. During school days some specific areas of potential will emerge, and teachers will do well to carefully encourage the children towards these areas so that progress is made. While this may sound like a generalization, it is essential for these children because once their symbolic inner fire is ignited, it will burn strongly and brightly. It is in this way that their lifelong fascination with specific subjects is born.

A careful explanation of the correct way to do things and the reason for rules is important for young Sagittarians.

Sagittarian children will have to be made aware that lack of attention to detail can hold them back. They will almost always be very cavalier over revisions during exams, and this should be corrected.

Sagittarians will have the potential to really shine during university education, and the tendency to become an eternal student will more than likely take root. Even if they are more attracted to sports than studies, the benefits of university education will rank above average. Time spent abroad as part of their course will also be most welcome and extremely beneficial.

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