Saturn At A Glance

Distance from Sun 1.4 billion km (887 million miles) Orbit around Sun 29.46 Earth years Rotation on Axis 10 hrs 14 mins Satellites Complex ring system with at least 34 moons Keywords Limitation, self-control Rules Capricorn (and traditionally Aquarius)

THE OUTER pLANETs saturn through the zodiac

THE OUTER pLANETs saturn in aries

The energetic qualities of Aries are at variance with saturn's restraint, so at times these individuals will move forward with confidence and at other times hold back, lacking the necessary drive to see through situations and challenges. Frustration at lack of achievement may be due to an imbalance of energy. If so, individuals should review their lives and not blame externals; a reassessment of personal attitudes could free up the way forward.

saturn in taurus

Taurus has a reputation for caution and patience. saturn also encourages caution, common sense, and circumspection. Jointly they increase the need for both emotional and financial security. so these individuals have Taurean patience, will cautiously build up their financial reserves, and will wait for the right moment to finalize important decisions. This placing will slow them down, and they will at times have to be encouraged to get on with what they must do.

saturn in gemini

This is a good placing for the mind. saturn will stabilize and organize the somewhat

The need to relax and unwind is essential for those with Saturn in Cancer in order to express their emotions more fully.

The need to relax and unwind is essential for those with Saturn in Cancer in order to express their emotions more fully.

chaotic Gemini thinking patterns and discipline verbal expression, so that these individuals, while still being talkative, will make pertinent comments which other people will be glad to hear. sometimes, however, there is a hard edge to their opinions and remarks, with hints of satire and cynicism. Children with this placing may be rather slow to speak. they must not be rushed or hassled, otherwise impediments could occur which will be difficult to counter.

saturn in cancer here is a particularly strong need for emotional security; a formal contract of marriage will be more desirable than cohabitation. Many of these individuals will be especially keen to build a sound family background for themselves, their partner, and children. the Cancerian tendency to worry will be pronounced, even if the dominant signs of the individual's chart show otherwise. any hint of depression must be talked through with a sympathetic partner or friends. Often there is restraint in the expression of emotion. they need to relax as this helps counter the tendency.

saturn in leo this placing brings determination, strength of will, superb organizing

\ ability, and loyalty. these individuals take life very seriously, and the usual sunshine of Leo will not be particularly noticeable. Here we have some really splendid but sometimes autocratic and bossy people. Many will be very strict with themselves, imposing a particularly rigid discipline of sergeant-major proportions, excusing themselves when challenged to loosen up a bit by asserting that they are "setting a good example".

saturn in virgo

Saturn from Virgo gives a strong sense of duty, especially when it comes to family loyalty or loyalty to career commitments. The thinking processes are very well ordered, and life must run like clockwork. In relationships, or with anyone working for them, these individuals can be over-critical and tend to "pick holes" at the least provocation. Virgoan worry and obsession with detail is usually present, with little ability or desire to grasp the broad perspective of any aspect of a project, or of life in general. Here is a need for high standards and perfection in everything that is undertaken.

saturn in libra

A very powerful need to see fair play is present - not only in these people's own lives but on behalf of others within

Life must have structure and order, and run like clockwork for Saturn-in-Virgo individuals.

their circle or even internationally. Here are kind, practical people, always willing to help, who are also practical enough to give just the kind of support that is needed for someone who is bereaved or emotionally upset in any way. saturn will encourage the formation of a permanent emotional relationship, and some will feel more comfortable with a much older partner, who may be a father- or mother-figure to them - perhaps countering a psychological gap from their childhood.

saturn in scorpio

Emotional energy can be suppressed, and there is a dark intensity which gives the impression that these individuals are pondering on the great problems of the universe. Determination and a sleuthlike talent for research are present, as is an excellent business sense and the ability to make a great deal of money.

A certain hardness or coldness may be a cover-up for sexual inhibition, and any problem in this area needs therapeutic resolution. But here too is the ability to enjoy all the good things of life - added to which there is also a Saturnine offbeat sense of humour.

saturn in sagittarius

Jupiter and Saturn are opposites in their fields of influence. So when Saturn is in Sagittarius, we get a meeting of contradictory influences - even though Jupiter is represented by its ruling sign, Sagittarius. There will be a considerable emphasis on the intellect, with Saturn steadying and adding the ability to cope with detail as well as seeing the broad perspective of situations and projects.

The powers of concentration are good, and there will be a practical approach too. Positivity of outlook will be spiced with Saturnian caution and common sense, and Sagittarian natural enthusiasm; optimism will be "controlled".

saturn in capricorn

This placing will be an extremely powerful influence. These individuals will have strong elements of the Capricorn personality (see p162); they will be ambitious and determined and will set their sights on some impressive goals. With Saturn's positive back-up it is most likely that they will attain them. The Capricornian sense of humour will strongly feature, and in most cases, influences from the inner planets will ease the element of coldness and stand-offishness which sometimes occurs. Stiffness in the joints can become a serious problem, so it is important that these people should be encouraged to keep up regular exercise.

saturn in aquarius

Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, so its influence is increased from this sign. Here it is in a positive mood and as light-hearted as is possible with this dour planet. It encourages independence and strength of will. These individuals are usually self-contained, but, as is the case with any

A good imagination is common for those with the placing of Saturn in Pisces.

A good imagination is common for those with the placing of Saturn in Pisces.

Capricorn's characteristics are magnified with the placing of Saturn in the star sign.

Aquarian emphasis, very friendly and helpful. The humanitarian side of the sign will be pronounced. There is considerable originality, but stubbornness can be a problem at times. Any Aquarian eccentricity is very subdued and will only very rarely emerge. Discipline is another positive Saturnine influence from this sign.

Capricorn's characteristics are magnified with the placing of Saturn in the star sign.

saturn in pisces

The sacrificial tendencies of Pisces will be increased with this placing. Individuals will go for a job which they know will help those in need, rather than one which will develop their own potential and give inner satisfaction. Sometimes there is a lack of self-confidence. It is often the case, however, that a certain shyness plus an attractive self-effacing quality -which many of these individuals will be quite unaware of - will add charm and considerable sex appeal. A powerful imagination is usual and should be allowed free-flowing expression in any kind of creative form.

"The universe begins to look more like a great thought than a great machine

Sir James Jeans (1937)

Percival Lowell was convinced of the existence of a planet beyond Neptune, but he died in 1916 before it was found.

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