Sagittarius in love

Sagittarians are passionate, and will have no difficulty in expressing their feelings. In their enthusiasm, they may attempt to develop a relationship rather too quickly as compared to many other zodiac types. Should they do so, while the admired one will be flattered and probably even come around eventually, the eager Sagittarian will have to show a little patience to avoid a cold shoulder early on.

Sagittarians are flirtatious and generally will not take their love life very seriously. Indeed, much like their polar sign, Gemini, it will not be unusual for them to have more than

Trekking to remote places, far from the luxuries of civilization, is the way Sagittarians like to travel.

one lover from time to time. While they are good talkers and will have plenty of excuses ready in case they are discovered, this tendency can complicate their lives and cause unnecessary problems for them.

It is extremely important that, apart from their passion and desire, Sagittarians have much in common with their lovers so that they can have enjoyable and stimulating conversations, evening outs, and so on as a prelude to passionate lovemaking. Sagittarians are generally energetic, and being in a relationship with one will be intellectually and physically demanding. They keep their lovers on their toes, and if the partner does not measure up to the pace, the Sagittarian will move on to new relationships.

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