Sagittarius as moon sign

Individuals with their Moon in Sagittarius will respond to any and every situation with optimism and enthusiasm. They have an extremely broad and immediate grasp of

Sagittarians who find themselves out of work will put a lot of effort into searching for a new job.

influence of other planets, Moon-sign Sagittarians must be aware that their exuberance can easily turn into blind optimism, which is a negative trait.

Moon-sign Sagittarians have a tendency to react in a somewhat offhand manner to ideas, suggestions, or problems put to them by others. This can be quite disconcerting, and gives the distinct impression that they want to concentrate only on their own agenda. This is something that should not be ignored by those at the receiving end. Once the Moon-in-Sagittarians realize that they have given such an impression, they will immediately want to put things right.

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