Sagittarius as ascendant

The need for challenge is increased in the case of those who have Sagittarius as their Rising sign. These individuals have the ability to exploit the potential of their Sun sign to the fullest, provided they control their enthusiasm, which can get out of hand all too easily. If they have been encouraged to be self-confident during their upbringing, they will constantly be able to move forward and achieve their desired ambitions.

As with the Sun-sign Sagittarians, these individuals have considerable versatility. If this is under control, it can be a great asset which will enliven their outlook, and will be expressed through a lifestyle that is full of varied interests and commitments. It may also encourage fairly dramatic changes in their career or profession. While their involvement in a project is often total for as long as it lasts, once it is over, Rising-sign Sagittarians are keen and enthusiastic to take up the next challenge.

Rising-sign Sagittarians are very eager to learn more about themselves and about factors that motivate them. They are able to look at their personalities objectively, but by no means obsessively. Their natural breadth of vision will set them on a journey which will take them beyond the confines of their own personality, and lead them to a greater understanding of human nature in general.

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