Sagittarius as a sun sign

The Centaur — the mythological animal with the body of a horse and the torso of a man — is the symbol of Sagittarius, always shown as an archer. This is an interesting and potent clue to the Sagittarian personality, because those of this sign constantly shoot arrows of challenge — challenges for themselves or for other people to take up.

The point where an arrow lands represents the latest trial that they want to confront; when they have completed it, off they go to concentrate on the next target. The arrow can take the form of a provocative remark in an argument or discussion, maybe an inner challenge to improve a sporting personal best, or eagerness to get involved in some large and important project — even perhaps the challenge of deciding which of two flies on the wall will take off first: bets may be made or taken!

Sagittarians are basically lively, positive, and optimistic people to be around. Natural enthusiasm for their own concerns are dominant, but these lively qualities will also be fully expressed when they are used to encourage other people. Rather like their fire-sign cousins Aries, they are prone to take risks, though usually only while they are relatively young.

The illustration for December from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416), with the Sagittarian symbol of the Centaur shown in the astrological chart at the top of the image.

The Sagittarian Centaur, as depicted on the page for December from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript produced in France in around 1423.


Symbol The Centaur Sun Sign Dates 23 November-21 December

Ruling Planet Jupiter Element or Triplicity Fire Quality or Quadruplicity Mutable Body Area Hips, Thighs, Liver Polar Sign Gemini

Fast sports cars are attractive to many signs, but for Sagittarians they are a source of vulnerability.

Fast sports cars are attractive to many signs, but for Sagittarians they are a source of vulnerability.

Sagittarians are most vulnerable when they are on the sports field, or are driving fast cars. The more they develop their intellectual potential, the more this "devil-may-care" element of their personalities will decrease. In fact, it is often said that there are two kinds of Sagittarians: the sporting, risk-taking kind, and the intellectual type. While many remain one or the other for the whole of their lives, a far greater number will make a gradual change from the former to the latter. Once this transformation takes place, they are able to express the best of all of their positive qualities, and live life to the fullest.

Sagittarius is one of the "dual" signs of the zodiac, along with Gemini, the twins, and Pisces, the fishes. Duality is a strong characteristic of this sign, and it gives its inhabitants tremendous versatility. As a result, they have a tendency to move rather too quickly from one kind of task to another, completely different one. This sometimes causes frustration, because in the end they might not be able to complete any project. This realization can also make them restless. In order to get the best out of their versatility, Sagittarians need to work carefully on one project or scheme, and complete it, before starting the next one. This way they will be able to achieve far greater satisfaction from their work and avoid the dreaded restlessness, which can be a source of considerable stress for them.

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