Sagittarian enthusiasm can carry them away

The church has a strong attraction for Sagittarians.

The church has a strong attraction for Sagittarians.

fulfilment and joy from the help they can eventually give their parishioners or to humanity in general.

sagittarius and money

While a fair spattering of Sagittarians will be fascinated by the actual process of making money, far more will enjoy work that involves more than just keeping track of boring stock market movements. However, as this sign has a more-than-normal tendency to take risks, gambling instincts are seen to be quite strong in Sagittarians. One will find them taking a chance on some promising share, regularly buying lotto tickets, or enjoying the ยก^excitement of betting on the result of a big race. If this trait is kept under control, and they do not allow themselves to lose more than they can afford, all well and good. But compulsive gambling can become a serious addiction when Jupiter, their ruling planet (see p226), influences them from certain positions in their full birth charts.

Whatever their financial background or attitude towards money, when Sagittarians decide to invest in a particular business, their natural enthusiasm will spring into

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