Placing Your Ascendant Line

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Write down your birth date and time, and the latitude and longitude of your birthplace. Next make quite certain whether or not Daylight Saving Time was in operation. If it was, take one hour off your birth time.

To discover your Ascendant turn to the tables and instruction on pages 344-5. Similarly, to find out your Midheaven sign, turn to pages 346-7 and follow the instructions there. Having carefully noted whether the diagonal time and place line crosses the top, middle, or bottom section of the Ascendant line, you are now in a position to draw the first line on your birth chart.

what you are about to draw is the all important Ascendant/Descendant line, which marks the beginning of your birth chart and represents the horizon at the time and place of your birth. Nine o'clock on the chart is the East, the rising position. Directly opposite it is the west, the setting position. Because the Earth is turning on its axis, the Sun and all the planets rise and set during the course of 24 hours, as do the 12 signs. It is from the horizon line that the 12 houses of the chart begin, and the way in which they are distributed relies on the segment of the sign in which the Ascendant falls.

Placing of the Ascendant Line

FIRST POSITION: If the time and place line crosses near the top of the Ascendant line (the beginning of the sign), draw your line in the first position, which denotes the first 10° of your Ascendant.

SECOND POSITION: If the line crosses near the middle of the Ascendant line (the middle of the sign), draw your line at the beginning of the second position, which denotes the middle 10° of the Ascendant.

THIRD POSITION: If the line crosses near to the bottom of the Ascendant line (the end of the sign), draw your line at the beginning of the third position, which denotes the final 10° of the Ascendant.

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