Symbol The Fishes Sun Sign Dates 19 February-20 March Ruling Planet Neptune (traditional ruler, Jupiter) Element or Triplicity Water Quality or Quadruplicity Mutable Positive/Negative Negative Body Area Feet Polar Sign Virgo working positively, expressed through the individual Piscean's chosen art form -craft or perhaps dance - they are at their best, and will feel considerable inner satisfaction.

The Piscean symbol of the Fishes

The Poetic Tongue

Pisces has nearly always been known as the sign of the poet. This has a ring of truth to it, and if they are not actually poets, there is certainly a tendency to look at life in a very poetic and romantic way. If their imagination is suppressed, their natural romanticism, along with their other intuitive gifts, will turn to apprehension and a tendency to depression. Many Pisceans do not respond well to medically administered drugs, let alone recreational ones. When negative escapism catches up with them - which sadly it does for many - their lives can easily crumble if they start to rely on the latter. They will definitely need a lot of support and encouragement to overcome any addiction.

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