Pisces in permanent relationships

Once committed, the Piscean individual will make a very loving and caring partner, and the romantic atmosphere and level of consideration, which developed when he or she was first in love, will remain when the relationship has moved on to a more permanent footing.

Pisceans want their loved ones to be happy and contented, and will intuitively know if anything is upsetting them. When it comes to assessing what their partner is thinking, they will almost psychically read their thoughts, even if a new topic is being discussed.

"but what do you think?" If something needs doing around the house, which they are totally capable of coping with, it will be the Piscean's instinct to (maybe conveniently) forget all about it.

Pisceans can become extremely evasive when things go wrong, which can be a far greater cause for tension than they realize. It can drive their partners crazy in attempting to pin them down and keep them to the facts. Again, an element of not wanting to hurt the partner is part of the reason for this vagueness. For most other zodiac types it hurts far more; they would much rather know what is going on so that they can come to terms with the situation.

If something needs doing around the house, Pisceans often leave it tc their partners.

If something needs doing around the house, Pisceans often leave it tc their partners.

Pisceans are water lovers, on the whole, and most will enjoy swimming from a very early age.

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