Pisces in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Our Piscean friends are extremely kind, and are very generous with their time and energy. Every now and then they will present us with little unexpected gifts, often having made them themselves. In return, we can and should do much to encourage them, and give them moral support when they are worried or more apprehensive than usual.

We know that those with the slightest artistic talent or creative instinct are capable of really brilliant work. Telling them time and time again that they can do it - whatever "it" might happen to be - is an important part of our role. If our Piscean friends become overly self-critical, lightly teasing them will sometimes make them snap out of any downward spiral of depression and discontent.

Home-made gifts often play a part in the way Pisceans demonstrate their friendship.

A typical scenario would be if we have a Piscean friend who perhaps makes pretty scarves or bags, and maybe we know a shop somewhere that would sell them for him or her. For certain a Piscean will find it difficult to go to the shop on their own, but, if we can make an arrangement for them not only might Pisces get an ego boost, but they also might end up making a little money.

Spinning a Line

We must be aware that everything our Piscean friends tell us may not be precisely true. From time to time they can make up some fantastically improbable excuse for not turning up when and where we had arranged to meet. More importantly, many will make life very complicated for themselves simply because they have not been straight with their partners, pisces 191

having told a few too many white or perhaps grey lies. If they tell all to us, we will have the task of trying to get them sorted out, and that may not always be very easy.

outings with Piscean friends will be most enjoyable. They will inspire us by taking us to art galleries we have not been to; or if they are spiritually inclined, introduce us to all kinds of philosophies and disciplines. They might read our tarot particularly interestingly, or perhaps be students of astrology. If they claim to be psychic, the best advice and encouragement we can give them is to work with someone who is really experienced and knows what they are doing. otherwise their talent or gift can all too easily be misdirected.

approach, and find the Piscean tactics rather cloying or even metaphorically claustrophobic. There are many Pisceans who are unattached for too long. When this happens, they will go all out to search for a partner. When they find a likely candidate, they will shower him or her with such love and affection that the poor individual all too often gets rather scared and backs off, leaving the Piscean heart broken once more. Their approach is not overtly sexual, but they do Pisceans are great charmers, come on strong. Hope though they do tend to come springs eternal, but, too

pisces in love

The high emotional level of Pisceans will be fully expressed when they fall in love. There will be no holding back on their generosity of spirit. But they need to be aware that many other zodiac types will favour a rather cooler


on a bit strong and are not r , „ , averse to a little deceit. often they fail to learn how to pace themselves. In all of this, will our Piscean lovers be faithful to us, or will the Piscean penchant for telling lies spoil everything? Good question. We do have to be somewhat sceptical, especially if we have not seen them for longer than usual, and their excuses seem somewhat far-fetched. They often think they are better at telling lies than they actually are, and partners who are quick-thinking may easily catch them out. However, all too often their charm at such times is particularly endearing and they get away with their misdemeanors.

Pisceans really need to be on their guard against self-deception, and at times will fall into the trap of being not just evasive but deceitful. They do this for two reasons. One is that it is usually an easy way out of a difficult situation, and the other - equally strong - is that when other people are involved they do not want to hurt them. But lies simply make for extra complications. They must learn to develop minds of their own, and the more straightforward they can train themselves to be, the less complicated their lives will be. This is a difficult concept for them to grasp, but nevertheless it is very true.

Big Romantics

Those who enjoy a touch of real romance in their love affairs will certainly get a share of it when attracted to a Piscean. They are big romantics, and will spend more than they perhaps should on flowers, a special bottle of perfume or wine, or some innovative way to make the time spent with their lovers memorable. They are passionate, but will pace themselves according to their partner, and because they are sensitive and

A romantic setting by a river or lake is well suited tc the Piscean sensibility, with its aquatic leanings.

A Need for Decisiveness and Action

Partners should encourage their Pisceans to become practical and decisive. If not, there is a strong tendency for Pisceans to procrastinate. They tend to leave it to their partners to take action, and so should learn that in successful relationships decisions big or small, important or trivial, should be shared. They ought not to try to get out of them - which they will often do by asking, there is a strong tendency for pisceans to procrastinate"

caring, are unlikely to be rough or want to be rushed. They will enjoy as much sensuality of approach and foreplay as possible, and like to be comfortable in a setting where there is perhaps a view of the sea, a lake, or a river - in fact anywhere with more than a touch of pure romance. If this is not possible, they will, for instance, drape some silk over a rather garish bedside lamp or hang a sexy but beautiful picture in full view of the bed - anything to make the right kind of atmosphere, not forgetting the exotic aroma of joss sticks.

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