Pisces in Education Jobs and Money

From their earliest days, Pisceans can be divided into those who never want to get out of the bath and those who never want to get in. However, generally they are water lovers, and taking them to mother-and-baby classes in which they learn to swim should find young Pisceans in their element.

Piscean children may be apprehensive when they first go to nursery school, but they take in impressions very quickly and should not be difficult or stubborn once they see other children at play. Their imagination is powerful: for them simple toys will become wonderful, strange, and fascinating objects.

Right and Wrong

The most important thing to develop in the Pisces child is honesty. The slightest fib or evasiveness should not be tolerated, and, along with this, a gradual but firm introduction to what is right and what is wrong is equally important. Parents must not give way

Music lessons and being part of an orchestra or band will be important to young Pisceans.

to the sad look in those beautiful Piscean eyes. All this sounds very strict, but it will give the little one far greater strength of character when they are older and when there is great temptation to take the easy way out of tricky situations.

The sort of schools at which Piscean children flourish are those where creative activity is encouraged. General art lessons and being a member of a choir, an orchestra, or a dance group will be important to them. Subjects in which they are likely to do well, apart from art, will be those which capture their imagination - such as history and geography. Literature and poetry will be popular. Maths and science may not hold much appeal but will have to be tolerated.

Higher Education and Training

University, and art or theatre school will be very much enjoyed. If a young Piscean has a talent for dance, theatre, music, or any other art form, parents

pisceans will make many changes of direction in a very varied life"

child is smoking - marijuana or cigarettes - they really have to be on their guard to make sure that the habit does not lead on to harder drugs.

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