Pisces as moon sign

A lot has been written and observed about Piscean eyes, which are usually large and beautiful. They always seem to be on the brink of tears - not only .of sadness, but also of great joy. This is particularly so with those who have a Pisces Moon, as their responses to situations will be emotional, activated very quickly when, for instance, clips of suffering are seen on television, or they are enjoying a "weepy" movie. This placing adds sensitivity to the Piscean creative talent, or to activities in any of the caring professions, so suitable for those of this sign. But astrologers working on the charts of this zodiac group will look for other indications which help strengthen the individual. Otherwise, the Moon will tend to weaken the personality, making the line of least resistance the immediate reaction to difficulties.

A Life of Dedication

The Piscean Moon encourages a sense of vocation and dedication to what is important to the individual. In the past, this has often been expressed through allegiance to religion, with many Sun-

Ice-skating coulc be a calling for Moon-in-Pisces individuals.

Ice-skating coulc be a calling for Moon-in-Pisces individuals.

and Moon-sign Pisceans taking to a monastic life. Nowadays, this dedication is more likely to take different forms, ranging from working for large charity organizations to becoming a dedicated nurse or vet. Due to the sign's association with the feet, dancers and ice-skaters spring to mind. Indeed, they are prominent among Pisceans -especially in the discipline of classical ballet, where they really need to have a sense of vocation and dedication if they are to survive the rigours of this beautiful but demanding art form.

To this we can add the concept of sacrifice. The lunar responses are so powerful in Moon-sign Pisceans that many will sacrifice their potential fulfilment for a good cause. If challenged, they will say that they are fulfilled by the work they love.

Nurturing a Piscean

Parents, especially those of Moon-sign Pisceans, must make sure that their child knows it is wrong to be deceitful. Otherwise it will be very easy for the child to come up with some plausible, over-elaborate, imaginative, and totally untrue excuse, simply to get themselves out of trouble as quickly and easily as possible.

Pisceans are kind friends, with great generosity of spirit.

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