Pisces as ascendant

Perhaps the most important failing of Rising-sign Pisceans is the fact that they tend to undervalue themselves. They will brush off praise for their efforts, since they are sure that they are unable to cope, and lack the necessary ability or experience to do what is asked of them. In reality, they are often extremely talented people who are quite capable of putting their rivals in the shade. This self-critical attitude is a direct influence of their polar sign, Virgo, which has the reputation of being the most critical sign in the zodiac.

Sun-sign Pisceans, when asked if they really want to know themselves and their true motivation, usually say they doubt it. With Rising-sign Pisceans this tendency is even stronger. However, once they have gone through a certain amount of self-analysis, much confusion and doubt about themselves will be resolved. Consequently, being stronger in self-knowledge, they will be able to express their varied talents more positively.

Those with Pisces Rising are very much prone to anxiety. Of course, it is fruitless to tell someone simply to "stop worrying", but if they can use their intuition and couple it with some logical thinking, they may well get their concern into a more rational perspective. This will not be easy, but is well worth the effort.

Sensitive Feet

The traditional Piscean body area, the feet, shows vulnerability. Although this is likely whether the influence is that of the Sun, Ascendant, or Moon, it is at its most potent when Pisces is the Rising sign. Those for

High heels can be a problem for Pisceans, who often have sensitive or troublesome feet.

whom this sign is emphasized will either have a lot of trouble with their feet, or, if fortunate, have beautiful and trouble-free feet. With women in particular, such difficulties are often due to their fascination with beautiful and fashionable shoes. That is all very well, but probably sooner or later, they will find that they have to wear simple flats instead of the glamorous footwear that they desire. However, if they ration the length of time when they wear high heels, they can avoid a lot of damage. Interestingly, the eminent British astrologer John Addey observed that people who stand with their feet crossed, imitating the look of a fish's tail, tend to be Pisceans.

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