Pisces and money

Pisceans must face the fact that they are not at all good at coping with their finances. Cash slips through their fingers with fluid ease, and all too often there is nothing left with which to pay the rent, the phone bill, or the taxman. This may just be because the Piscean has been enjoying too many concerts, or having drinks at a favourite bar, or buying scores of pairs of shoes (many of which will never be worn because they hurt). Their credit cards are all too easily stretched and broken by the strain.

Get Rich Quick

There will be times when Pisceans are tempted into investing in get-rich-quick schemes. However, care should be taken if this is the case. Then there is the Lotto, and the temptation to buy a scratch card at the newsagent's.

When Pisceans become parents they will be kind and very soft-hearted, and as a consequence will tend to spoil their children. They will give in to whims or demands simply for a bit of peace and quiet. As their children get older they will suffer from a certain amount of frustration due to their parents' Piscean evasiveness or indecision, and inability to be as simply honest with their children as they should If there is something they do not want their children to know, they may fob them off with an untruth, thinking that perhaps the child is not ready to handle the real facts. Maybe they should think again; they could easily be underestimating their children's comprehension.

Well, Piscean intuition is not by any means always wrong, and they certainly can win from time to time, but the buzz it gives should not encourage them to spend that windfall on yet another scratch card or an extra row of numbers for a Saturday night draw.

It is obvious from all this that Pisceans are easily parted from their money. Unless they have inherited a shrewdness and are naturally artful, they can all too easily get into difficulties.

Creative Worth

Obviously we do not mean to suggest that there are no wealthy Pisceans: there are many. But those who really make high incomes are usually those who are successful due to their creative talents - for instance, successful photographers, film-makers, models, writers, and dress designers, or rather differently, medical practitioners.

So, when success comes to Pisceans, they should get a good accountant and financial advisor and rely on their judgement, and think carefully about

Piscean Nat King Cole achieved financial success through his brilliant musical talent.

Piscean Nat King Cole achieved financial success through his brilliant musical talent.

restricting spending limits on credit cards. If coping with finances without professional advice, the best thing for them is to go for a simple investment such as a savings account with interest at a low risk rate. When making really important purchases, such as a car or an apartment, they need to be realistic about repayments. Finding cash for the mortgage is a real burden, and the money due every month needs to be carefully managed.

Finally, if a friend comes asking for a loan, Pisceans will be generous. Of course the loan will be repaid, won't it? Not necessarily so. The chances are that the money will not be seen again.

"cash slips through piscean fingers with fluid ease"

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