Parties and Clubs

Aquarians are extremely sociable. They love to give parties and will entertain royally. These occasions are always very enjoyable because we know that the other guests will be interesting. Even if they come from different backgrounds, and we don't have anything in common with them, they will all be intelligent company -they wouldn't be friends with an Aquarian if they were bores! In spite of the need for privacy, Aquarians are members of specialist clubs and societies where they can enjoy their varied hobbies and interests. Here they come into contact with a great many people and have a wide circle of acquaintances, in addition to their special friends.

Because of their extreme kindness and willingness to help, it does happen from time to time that someone takes quite serious advantage of them. At such times, it is up to us to confront these individuals, and to suggest they back off at least for the time. We do, however, need to be especially tactful, as we would not want our Aquarian friend to think we are interfering -even if we are.

Perhaps there is one thing that can dampen friendship with an Aquarian: when we do something special for them

or give them a present, they often do not seem particularly grateful or even really pleased. That is the way they are, but it is nice if they realize this and try to be somewhat more forthcoming.

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