Onward And Upward

A blank look is typical of Geminians, to the extent that it looks funny.

Geminians enjoy, and in fact need, a lively and varied lifestyle. The one thing they cannot cope with is boredom. When they are bored, a blank look comes over them, and they start looking for someone interesting to talk to. Or else they will just stare blankly into the space with a glazed expression. They usually live life at a hectic pace, which means that they can build up a lot of nervous tension and stress. It is not easy for them to counter this -try telling a Geminian to slow down, or take things easy. It's not going to happen.

A blank look is typical of Geminians, to the extent that it looks funny.

spheres of the Geminian lifestyle. There will be no shortage of experimentation to keep the affair sparkling. Haste is sometimes apparent in bed, as elsewhere, and teaching the Geminian to slow down a bit may be necessary, especially in the case of Geminian men.

The Geminian Duality

Although Geminians are good communicators, many are taciturn as far as their emotions are concerned. In fact, at times when they realize that their emotions are beginning to take over, they may begin to question themselves and, in their eagerness to appear cool and logical, suppress their feelings. While this is likely to be most true with a Moon-sign Gemini, the tendency is also prevalent in both Sun-sign and Rising-sign people.

Geminian duality emerges in yet another aspect of their lives - they really do like to do more than one thing at a time. This tendency extends to their love lives more often than their partners may think desirable. They will date two people at the same time,

- and love them both, for different reasons. This will, of course, cause difficulties and complications usually, and it will take a lot of Geminian quick-wittedness to sort out the problem. A partner may come to realize that a Geminian is unlikely to remain faithful to one person for a lifetime, and will be wise to come to terms with this early on in the relationship.

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