Of Aquarius And Uranus

others, and will organize outings and memorable occasions, usually to raise cash for charity. SATURN The social life is taken seriously, with regular visits to familiar venues. The circle of friends is small, and often consists of people older than the individual. Interests developed when young will last a lifetime.

URANUS Here are very friendly people who in a subtle way like to keep their distance, not wanting to get too close to anyone. They are free spirits and independently minded. Sudden breaks with friends tend to occur. NEPTUNE The social life will be full and greatly enjoyed, but these people are gullible and can be easily taken in by friends and associates who will sometimes exert a negative influence or take advantage of them. PLUTO These individuals will have extremely powerful ties of friendship and may have a tendency to become obsessed with particular friendships. Other people's attitudes will be considered seriously. CHIRON This placing adds dynamism and verve, and also considerable charm. There is a distinct need for personal space and a hatred of clutter and being smothered or under too much of an obligation to friends. Doing their own thing is important.


SUN Here are private people, who are at their best working behind-the-scenes. They need peace and quiet - in whatever form suits them as individuals - and their own space; this is especially important to them if they are creative. MOON Even if these individuals are extrovert they must recognize the need to refresh their spirit. A discipline such as yoga will be restorative, as will going on retreats or taking up an engrossing hobby. MERCU RY Conflict can occur between the logic of Mercury and the emotional and spiritual content of the Twelfth House. However, the two can come together if there is a love of poetry and literature, or indeed a talent for writing. VENUS Secrecy is common, especially if these individuals are involved in love affairs. Sometimes there is inhibition and shyness - often in respect of their own creative work - designs, fashion, and so on. MARS Here is secretiveness and difficulty in unburdening problems; as a result, anger and stress will tend to build up. If there is indication of a naturally sympathetic nature, these people do well in the caring professions. JUPITER Here is a sense of vocation that can be directed towards religion, or perhaps dedication to the study of music, dance, or a sport - any subject that needs hours of regular practice. There is a very philosophical attitude to life.

SATURN There is a tendency towards isolationism here. These individuals will go to their place of employment and work hard, but then will be in a rush to return to their pad to restore themselves for the next day. Music and books will be important. URANUS The contrasting zodiac entities come together through humanitarianism. These people have the potential to do a lot of good for humanity, as the sharpness of the planet will ignite action from the somewhat complacent attitude of the Twelfth House. NEPTUNE Here is Neptune in its own place, bringing a genuine, meaningful faith, perhaps dedication to a cause, an esoteric subject, or to animals or the sick. A talent for poetry, dance, ice-skating, or singing is very possible and should be developed. PLUTO This tends to make individuals extremely secretive, with an inability to open up and talk when things go wrong. Sometimes there are deep-rooted psychological problems that are difficult to resolve and from which there is no attempt to move on. CHIRON At times these individuals feel frustrated or inferior. Care is needed to avoid escapist drugs when this happens. The Chiron energy will, however, stimulate the imagination which should be given concrete and creative form.

Yoga helps in revitalizing one's spirits, especially if you have the placing of the Moon in the Twelfth House.

"Man, like a tiny universe, is sustained by the everlastingfiery movements of the five planets and the Sun and Moon."

Firmicus Maternus, 4th century CE

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