New Territories No Possessions

Sagittarians have a very strong liking for new pastures in whatever sphere of life they happen to be involved. As far as their love life is concerned, it is important that they really understand that the grass is not necessarily greener over the hedge, no matter how lush it may appear.


The Sagittarian body areas are the hips and thighs, and the women of the sign especially tend to put on weight in these areas. Both sexes have a love of good, rich, and hearty food, which obviously encourages corpulence. The emphasis on the liver is highly relevant, as rich food is usually complemented with strong drink. Those with more than just a liking for the occasional glass of wine must be aware that their livers are somewhat vulnerable. The Sagittarian hangover can be particularly nasty.

A love of hearty food encourages weight gain, especially in the hips and thighs.

It is rare for Sagittarians to be jealous or possessive lovers. This may be because they like to feel unencumbered by their partners, and to keep that sense of freedom for themselves they are reasonably relaxed in their attitude towards relationships. If their partner becomes jealous, the Sagittarian will seriously dislike it and, all too soon, put an end to the relationship.

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