Neptune through the zodiac

neptune in cancer

Neptune was active in Cancer from 1901-2 (the double year is due to retrograde motion, see box on p243)

to 1915. Cancer being the sign of home and family, here was Neptune's main influence during the period that began with the Boer War in South Africa, and ended with the First World War still raging as the planet completed its journey. Children born then suffered again as grown-ups, facing the equally dreadful conditions of the Second World War.

World War II was the terrible prospect that awaited those born when Neptune was active in Cancer at the 20th century's start.

While Neptune increased these individuals' powerful emotions, it added to the tenacity (a powerful Cancerian trait) they needed to keep going while under privation. The placing also increased sensitivity and intuition. This worked well in some circumstances, such as when a dreaded telegram arrived announcing the death of a husband or son, yet the recipient instinctively knew that the message was wrong. Similarly, some expected bad news even before the telegram boy knocked on the door.

neptune in leo

Neptune entered Leo in 1915 and continued through to 1928-9, when it overlapped with Virgo.

It was during these years that the popularity of cinema considerably increased. Millions of people visited the cinema each week to see the great silent movie epics. Here was escapism from the aftermath of the First World War and the financial disasters of the Depression, into a wonderful world of make-believe.

The Neptune generation influence added a sense of drama and a need for glamour - traits still present with its remaining members. If Leo or Pisces are accented by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, these individuals will have a really creative imagination which can be expressed through any art form. Maybe they danced, and still paint or create beautiful embroidery, or take photographs. Their potential was and still remains considerable.

neptune in virgo

When Neptune entered Virgo, the sign of communications, in 1928-9, cinema leapt ahead with the advent of "talking pictures", television was developed, and in 1936, the British Broadcasting Corporation started its first transmissions.

While Virgo is the sign of the Virgin, and Neptune is connected with spirituality and faith, the critical side of the Virgo influence began to be expressed on religion by this generation.

The golden era of cinema arrived in the 1930s and corresponded to the period when Neptune was in Virgo.

The imagination can be considerably stimulated by this placing. If either Gemini or Virgo is emphasized by Sun, Moon, or Ascendant, the influence is helpful and strong. It can also give the potential for writing or craftwork. Neptune from this sign tends to sap self-confidence, and this should always be carefully considered, in spite of it being just a generation influence.

neptune in libra

The planet was in Libra from 1942 to 1956-7. Think of the romantic songs of the 1940s and the war - full of longing and regretful separation,

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