Nature Lovers

It is also good if, in some way, they can become involved in ecological matters, the world's resources, and climate


Aquarians make lively parents. They will encourage their children to read, and take notice of nature and their surroundings. They need to think more carefully than most parents about the way they educate their children, as they are extremely forward-looking people, and may well be attracted to a school which is equally progressive in outlook. But it may be that their child will do better at a school with a more conservative structure. Some children like this as it gives them a greater sense of security than a freer

change, either through a career or as a spare-time interest. When speaking up for these issues, they make considerable impact and can contribute a very great deal. Humanitarian work for charities will also be extremely rewarding, not only to the Aquarian individual, but also for the organization as a whole.

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