Natural Born Hoarders

Like the crab of their sign gathering food in its claws, Cancerians hoard - and how! They are reluctant to throw anything away, as it might come in handy - so much so that far too many of them, though not all, are chaotically untidy, with their homes full of clutter.

protective is what first springs to mind. There is also a quiet determination, tenacity, and natural shrewdness. When these are expressed through professional life and career, we will see a very fulfilled and successful individual. From the point of view of being caring, the medical profession has its own attractions, with gynaecology and pediatrics being the most popular options.

If we consider the caring quality in another way, we have airline stewards and those in the hotel and hospitality industries. There is often a great love of the sea, so the navy and merchant navy are rewarding careers. Many Cancerians are excellent cooks, so becoming a chef is an extremely popular choice. Eventually opening one's own restaurant and using the natural business skills is something that should be considered, and could work out extremely well. Interestingly, chefs have earned the reputation of being temperamental and moody, which are of course two very strong Cancerian faults.

Trading and Markets

The natural shrewdness of Cancer comes into its own in the banking, finance, and insurance industries, where Cancerians are often very clever at dealing with money, and their intuition can often be relied upon to predict market movements. These professions, along with accountancy, are excellent possibilities. Trading in antiques is also a viable option, and as far as the arts are concerned, the sign is well represented in most areas, with famous Cancerian singers and dancers dominating their fields.

Perseverence and Endurance

While on a superficial level there is a liking for change, in the long term the thread of a Cancerian's career will have good continuity. For instance, if one becomes really dedicated to antiques, the first purchase for one's own special collection will probably be made with pocket money or the very first earnings.

The business location may change from time to time, but the chances are that the individual's tenacity, knowledge, and love of the trade will be maintained. Most Cancerians have a collection of something rather unusual - a positive way of expressing their irresistable tendency to hoard. Continuity and a real sense of the past is important to them, and is an area that needs to be expressed; if in some way it can find an outlet within the confines of a career or serious hobby, this will be really rewarding.

Home and Family

The most important purchase for all of us is our home, and this is a sign whose members are particularly keen to own property. Budgeting for a mortgage will be very carefully planned - for on this planning will depend the security and protection of the individual and his or her all-important family.

Cancerian intuition and foresight will be of enormous help from the financial point of view. Buying stocks and shares needs a sense of timing -

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

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