Mind and Body

Rising-sign Capricorns will share the sense of humour of the Sun-sign people and, in addition, will be somewhat more practical and commonsensical. Many with Capricorn Rising will also be more sensitive, and have a delightfully caring quality which will be freely expressed from time to time.

The traditional Capricorn body areas - the knees and shins - are vulnerable, and in addition, this group will be rather prone to worry, which can have a negative effect on their digestion. Their skin and teeth are sensitive, so regular dental check-ups and a powerful sunscreen are of above average importance. Physical activity out and away from the daily round are vital; far too many will remain tied to their office computers when they have a great love of sweeping landscapes, mountains, and fresh air.

While so many of these individuals aim for material progress, they should also realize that involvement with

Walking in the hills will greatly appeal to Capricorns - if they can tear themselves away from their desk jobs.

Regular trips to the dentist are essential for Capricorns.

some form of spiritual development acts as a wonderful balance and will contribute a degree of inner calm, which is often lacking in them. They will probably benefit from yoga; its physical exercises will help to keep Capricorn joints in good condition.

Regular trips to the dentist are essential for Capricorns.

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