Midheaven signs for pisces

The influence of the Midheaven stems from the part of the zodiac that was immediately overhead at our birth - that is, the sign that was at the top of the celestial sphere (ffor more detail, see PP304-6). We relate to, aspire to, and identify with the qualities of the sign on the Midheaven, especially in relation to our careers. The Midheaven signs for Pisces birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on pp344-7.

ascendant aries with Midheaven signs: Capricorn Ambitious, hard working; will work behind the scenes. Photography, archeology. Aquarius Originality; will enjoy change. Astrology, dancing or skating. Designer: fashion, cars.

ascendanttaurus with Midheaven signs: Capricorn Potter, horticulturist, farmer, confectioner. Will need, and achieve, financial security. Pisces A successful career. Hotel industry, public relations, shoe design, and selling.

ascendant GEMINI

with Midheaven signs:

Aries A fast worker, but restless and impatient. Needs careful thought in choosing jobs/career. Taurus Friendly, kind, and outgoing. A good agent; the caring professions, dietitian. Aquarius A successful and rewarding career. The travel industry, airlines, possibly teaching, and working abroad. Pisces Media/magazine work. Must consciously learn to be more self-confident to succeed.

ascendant cancer with Midheaven signs:

Aries A very shrewd and canny Piscean. Will make money and maybe work in finance.

Taurus Hard worker, needs security. Chef, sculptor, architect. Aquarius Good at research and detective work. Studious, with a focus on favourite subjects. Pisces Travel industry. Translator - good with languages. Study of primitive cultures.

ascendant leo with Midheaven signs: Aries Forthright and energetic. Very creative, involvement in the fine arts, dance, or sport. Taurus Needs financial and emotional security. Attraction to wine and cosmetics industries. If creative, jewellery is an option. Pisces. Successful if grounded. Actor, dancer, magician, investigative work, modelling.

ascendant virgo with Midheaven signs:

Taurus Creative craftwork with natural materials. A need to work in partnership.

Gemini Media: talent for creative writing; good at selling.

ascendant libra with Midheaven signs: Cancer Kind and sympathetic. Beautician, hair stylist, caring professions, children's nurse. Leo Perhaps lazy. Won't want to be rushed; must be confident to develop latent creative potential.

ascendant scorpio with Midheaven signs: cancer Secretive, with powerful emotional energy. Must have total career involvement. Surgeon, detective, police; MI5 or FBI.

Leo Intuitive. Will make money, take financial risks, but beware excessive gambling. Lecturer.

Virgo An analytical and critical mind. Librarian, researcher, museum curator, literary talent.

ascendant sagittarius with Midheaven signs:

Leo Dedicated; possible sports person - swimming, skiing.

Virgo Possible conflict between career and home/family life. Should try to work at home. Any Pisces occupations will be good. Libra Ambitious, but lacks determination. Likes change. scorpio Will want to go it alone; needs peace and quiet to succeed. Photography, design.

ascendant capricorn with Midheaven signs: Leo Determination and organizing ability will develop. Conventional career: banking, retail trade; clever accountant. Virgo Farming and work in the countryside; growing organic vegetables. Journalistic ability. Libra Fair play vital. Social worker, solicitor. Good communicator. scorpio Very hard working. Complimentary medicine. Homeopath, dietitian, podiatrist.

ascendant aquarius with Midheaven signs: Virgo Individualist. Critical, is less independent than thinks. Original. The fitness industry. Libra Loves beautiful things and people. Starry-eyed, charming; a looker, but needs discipline. scorpio Stubborn but kind. Hard worker, will go own way. Possible scientific flair; chemist, biologist. sagittarius Free spirit; breadth of vision and love of study. Good teacher. Will live or work abroad.

ascendant pisces

WITH THE suN IN PisCEs with Midheaven signs: sagittarius Imagination, creative talent which will find own niche. Possibly psychic. Should write a regular diary and/or poetry.

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