Midheaven signs for leo

The influence of the Midheaven stems from the part of the zodiac that was immediately overhead at our birth - that is, the sign that was at the top of the celestial sphere (ffor more detail, see PP304-6). We relate to, aspire to, and identify with the qualities of the sign on the Midheaven, especially in relation to our careers. The Midheaven signs for Leo birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on pp344-7.


with Midheaven signs: Capricorn Life and career will be taken seriously. Will ''climb socially''. Autocratic. Aquarius Will have an original approach towards career. Could be attracted to self-employment.

ascendanttaurus with Midheaven signs: Capricorn Excellent business sense, needs security. Music will be very important.

Aquarius Stubbornness could mar progress. Must not suppress originality or inventiveness.

Pisces Conflict between a secure career and something creative but uncertain.

ASCENDANT GEMiNi with Midheaven signs:

Aries Restless. Will hate a static routine, and will need to be out and about.

Taurus Horticulture, selling, journalism, and fashion. Aquarius Possible scientific flair; media and IT industries could be attractive options. Pisces Creative flair for design, photography, or video. Must control restlessness.

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