Midheaven signs for gemini

The influence of the Midheaven stems from the part of the zodiac that was immediately overhead at our birth - that is, the sign that was at the top of the celestial sphere (ffor more detail, see PP304-6). We relate to, aspire to, and identify with the qualities of the sign on the Midheaven, especially in relation to our careers. The Midheaven signs for Gemini birth charts set out below are the only possible combinations of Ascendant and Midheaven signs in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres. To work out your own Ascendant and Midheaven signs at birth, see the charts on PP344-7.

ascendant ARiEs with Midheaven signs: Capricorn Serious attitude towards career, but Gemini will give the reverse impression. Aquarius Need for a career that is anything but ordinary - television, or technology, very likely.

ascendanttaurus with Midheaven signs: Capricorn Flair for finance. Ability to sell. Clever in big business. Aquarius Conflict between need for security and wanting something lively and fun. Pisces Teaching, publishing, journalism, or horticulture. Psychic ability possible.

ascendant GEMiNi (WiTH GEMiNi suN siGN)

with Midheaven signs: Aries Will need speedy results in chosen career. A lack of tact, and impatience could mar progress. Taurus Could do well in self-employment - an agency or real estate maybe. Aquarius Technology, journalism, technical side of television, or film. A need to be ''on the scene'' in the career. Pisces May work in radio. Caring professions or charity work.

ascendant cancer with Midheaven signs: Aries Chef, or the armed forces (choice of branch will be crucial). Taurus Will have a desire to entertain, perhaps as a stand-up comedian. Good teacher.

Aquarius Possibly scientific; will want to express original ideas, but may lack confidence to do so.

Pisces Shrewd business sense, but will be attracted to caring professions and charity work.

ascendant leo with Midheaven signs: Aries A force to reckon with. Big achiever and show off. Will win arguments. Taurus Stubbornness will pay off at times, but will learn the hard way. Will need challenge in career. Pisces Very creative. Writing ability. Excellent for media work.

ascendant ViRGo with Midheaven signs: Taurus A love of the land -agriculture, gardening, library. Gemini Writing ability very likely. Media, journalism, or research work will be rewarding.

ascendant LiBRA

with Midheaven signs: Cancer Potential for hospitality industry. Chef, or beautician. Leo Fashion, show biz. Will make selling a real ''performance''.

ascendant scoRPio with Midheaven signs: Cancer Finance, wine trade, or engineering. Shrewd business sense. Must not be hasty. Leo Needs variety in career. Enormous drive and energy. Virgo Suited for medical profession, scientific research, alternative medicine, or nursing.

ascendant sAGiTTARius with Midheaven signs: Leo Great flair and personality. Will do much to further career. Good talker and lecturer.

Virgo Teacher, critic, dietician, or horticulturalist. Literary talent. Must avoid being too self-critical. Libra Publishing, law, travel industry, or language teacher. Will enjoy changes in career.

ascendant CAPRiCoRN

with Midheaven signs: Leo Will rise to a position of authority. Ambitious. Good sense of humour. Suited for politics. Virgo Capable of detailed work. Researcher, real estate, land management, or architect. Libra Will want fair play. Flair for fashion. Good business sense.

scorpio The police, detective work, or in the Navy. Will have strong feelings, but will not show. sagittarius Sense of humour. Will disguise conflict between freedom and independence. Needs conventional, secure career.

ascendant AQuARius with Midheaven signs: Virgo Very critical - of self and everyone else. Will make many career changes. Should exploit considerable originality. Libra A glamorous combination. Will make most of self. Will aspire for the good life. Luxury trades. scorpio Antiques trade, motor or airline industry. Scientific flare. Good talker, stubbornness likely. sagittarius Flare for languages. Good teacher. Suited as a vet, or in law. Beware of restlessness.

ascendant PisCEs with Midheaven signs: sagittarius Creative ability. May be psychic, but must express Geminian scepticism.

"The Crab risks money upon sea-winds to amass sudden wealth. His is a shrewd nature, ready to fight for profit."

Manilius, 1st century

Pisces Midheaven

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