Midheaven And The Equal House System

When using the Equal House System, the Midheaven does not always fall in the Tenth House of the chart, as it does with other house division systems. If you have a planet in conjunction with your Midheaven, you will find it revealing if you read the interpretation for the Tenth House; it will have considerable relevance. However, do not forget to integrate the planet's original house placing, as well as this one, into your interpretation.

Eating out and socializing, often in glamorous places, is typical of those with the Sun in the Eleventh House.


SUN Here are friendly and often glamorous people who enjoy a vibrant social life. They also make excellent members of committees -particularly those that are involved with fundraising for charitable causes. MOON Humanitarian qualities and great sympathy for suffering are usually present. The need to be an active member of a group or society is sometimes psychologically linked to lack of acceptance as a child. MERCURY Meaningful friendships formed early in life by these folks will usually last. These are very sociable individuals, and the type who'll make sure they have their say at committee meetings or parties. VENUS The social life will be extremely important to these individuals, who will often opt out of working hours to attend social functions. There is a sincere need to please friends, and to entertain lavishly. MARS Here is the pack leader among friends - the organizer of long Sunday hikes or bike rides. Here too is the stirrer, the devil's advocate of the committee, and one who will get things done right away. JUPITER These people have a wide circle of friends and even more acquaintances. They have an interesting way of enthusing

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