Mars through the zodiac

mars in aries

Here is Mars in the sign it rules. The planet will be of increased importance and a focal point of the birth chart. It gives an energy force which will need to be burned positively through daily physical work, sport, and exercise. These individuals will in some respects show certain characteristics of Aries. They will want to be out in front and way ahead of any rivals. They are also likely to put themselves first, so an element of selfishness can sometimes emerge.

Accident-proneness when exercising or driving too fast, plus a vulnerability to burns and cuts is ever present, and the sex drive is considerably increased.

mars in taurus

Mars will make the individual a passionate, sensual, and romantic lover who will give considerable pleasure and satisfaction. It is a powerful energy source which gives skill at team games such as soccer and rugby.

Taureans are placid until aroused, when they become a force to be reckoned with. This is exactly the way Mars operates from Taurus, giving a calm exterior until individuals explode.

When this happens they may not always fully realize the severity of the impact they are making. Very often stubbornness is present.

mars in gemini

This placing adds considerable mental stimulus, so these individuals are always mentally as well as physically busy. Their alert minds move energetically about, surveying and preparing the next project, and solving problems. Mars has the reputation for not being particularly well placed in this sign, and certainly there is a vulnerability to restlessness and inconsistency of effort; however, any Gemini influence adds versatility. The need for constant intellectual challenge is present, and there is often an evident talent for athletics, tennis, and dance - all of which will be enthusiastically practised.

mars in cancer

The Martian energy is expressed emotionally and passionately. There is enormous tenacity, which will be applied

The romantic nature in a Taurean will be emphasized with the placing of Mars in Taurus.

The romantic nature in a Taurean will be emphasized with the placing of Mars in Taurus.

to all spheres of life, especially the career and parenthood. Sensuality and caring qualities will be very much part of these individuals' attitude towards their partners, but a tendency to create a somewhat claustrophobic atmosphere can have a negative effect. It is important that encouragement is given to get them to talk through their problems.

There is great capacity for hard work, sometimes carried out in difficult or even dangerous conditions. The ideal exercise for those of this sign placing are all kinds of water sports.

mars in leo

The energy Mars brings when in Leo will do much to encourage these individuals to be physically healthy and strong, and positive and enthusiastic in outlook. They need to enjoy exercise, and finding a sport or some interest which makes a demand on their energy level is important. The back and spine are vulnerable, however, so care must be taken to give support to this area of the body.

They have excellent if somewhat domineering powers of leadership, and their emotions will flow positively and be expressed through enjoyment of sex and the other pleasures of life. Here too is creative flair, with a talent for painting.

Yoga is advisable for those who have Mars in Virgo, to channel nervous enery.

mars in virgo

This placing gives a tremendous ability to work hard, and a need to do so. If for some reason this is not possible, the individual will suffer from restlessness. Here too are considerable reserves of nervous energy, which, if expressed through a rewarding career or study, will facilitate excellent results; but awareness that stress and tension easily catches up with them is important: early symptoms emerge as indigestion or stomach upsets. To counter this, yoga or some other relaxing discipline is advisable, and

A talent for painting is a noticeable trait wher we have Mars in Leo.

sporting activities where quick movement is necessary - tennis, squash, or even tap-dancing are all enjoyable.

mars in libra

Mars complements the Libran need for love and adds pleasure to a rewarding sex life. The tendency to fall in love at first sight can be attended by an equally sudden falling out, so heartbreak is frequent. The planet in languid mood encourages a tendency to say "I can't be bothered", and excuses will be made to delay getting moving - especially when it is time to go to the gym or it is going to rain. Here is good perception and a surprising level of intuition, which should not be ignored. A preponderance for headaches, damage to the head, and slight kidney upsets can also be present.

mars in scorpio

Mars is the traditional ruler of this sign, and its influence is particularly strong. It will considerably increase the emotional and physical energy, giving drive, determination, and strength of will to succeed. An element of stubbornness is present, and should be countered.

While sexual fulfillment is important to all of us, for those with this placing it is extremely important, and any problems of a sexual nature should be resolved, if necessary through therapy. Here are individuals who need emotional involvement in their careers, because working in a dead-end job will be a source of considerable frustration.

mars in sagittarius

This is a happy placing for Mars: it increases physical energy, and involvement in a demanding sport is essential for these individuals' wellbeing, and there will be no lack of enthusiasm. The sex drive is strong, positive, and uncomplicated, so hang-ups and inhibitions are unlikely. However, restlessness will occur when individuals are prevented from using this energetic force, which also contributes considerable intellectual energy and versatility.

An element of recklessness is often present together with an inclination to take risks - not only physical risks but perhaps gambling too. This needs controlling if disaster is to be averted.

mars in capricorn

There will be high aspirations and determination to achieve them, with the Mars influence to win and come first much in evidence. If the career makes physical demands on these people they will cope extremely well and flourish, accepting hardship as a formidable but surmountable challenge. There is also the ability to cope with working in dangerous conditions. The risk-taking element, usually present with a Mars influence, is minimal when the planet is in this sign. Sex will be taken very seriously, though it is not necessarily of paramount importance since energy is often burned in other directions.

mars in aquarius

A need for independence and freedom of expression is very much in evidence. There is also a considerable element of stubbornness and perversity, which at times can be extreme. (In children, it is as well to tell them to do the opposite of what is desired, then parents will get the result they actually need.)

There is a decidedly unconventional streak, and true originality, often expressed creatively, or in science or technology. Energy levels are somewhat erratic, but dance or winter sports will be satisfying. Here too is humanitarianism and a desire to relieve suffering.

mars in pisces

Here, emotional energy is increased to a near torrential force. This needs to be expressed positively, for if there is no outlet for it there can be psychological problems which may need professional help. These individuals will be very easily moved by suffering, and have enormous sympathy for friends and relatives in trouble, helping out as much as possible.

There is often impressive creativity which may be suppressed due to a lack of belief in their own ability. Encouragement must be given to them to carry on working. Physical energy will be best expressed through dance, skating, and water sports - maybe synchronized swimming.

A demanding sport such as rock -climbing will be essential for those with Mars in Sagittarius.

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