Love and Friendship

The most important element in a partnership with an Aquarian is friendship. There must always be plenty to talk about, to discuss, and to argue over; but if there has been a row, cool indifference - even in a serious disagreement - is likely. Somewhere along the line it may be necessary for the non-Aquarian partner to find ways of thawing out the chilly one. The thaw will happen over time -and so it should, for otherwise the feeling that the couple are moving in opposite directions will have a damaging effect. Even if "togetherness" as a slightly gooey and sticky concept is not an especially cosy element of their relationship, a warm, glowing friendship and good sex should be.

However, those who share a long term relationship with an Aquarian will certainly experience great joy and happiness because of their consistent kindness and consideration. They will help their partners achieve much in life by showing them different approaches to, for instance, career problems. They will encourage and challenge their partners, and with understanding on both sides the couple will move forward in life together.


The question of sex is very important when dealing with an Aquarian. They are happy and eager to experiment in bed, and will enjoy lively and experienced lovers. There is usually no hint of shyness in their attitude, and they often get their fullest satisfaction in bed from a partner who is free of commitment. It is not for us to intervene or offer an opinion to the Aquarian, and asking questions is a no-no as they are, to repeat, very private people.

Experienced lovers who are not shy to experiment sexually will be the most satisfying partners for Aquarians.

Many Aquarians have a scientific bent, and go on to follow science-based careers.

Many Aquarians have a scientific bent, and go on to follow science-based careers.

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