Librans often fall in love with love

frequently than they do when they are on their own. Their reaction to almost every situation, from buying a house to deciding between tea or coffee, will be, "oh, you choose." Partners should watch out for this, and persuade them that certain decisions should be taken alone and - even more importantly -that mutual decision-making is the only sensible way of approaching other problems. Persuading a Libran not to avoid expressing what he or she really feels is really very important.

to get some peace and quiet. The child will be delighted, of course, and will exploit the situation. Librans must make sure that, uncharacteristically, they answer questions when a child asks them. Indirect answers to questions will be irritating, and cause frustration to the Libran as the child tries persistently to get a real answer. A Libran who answers "just because", when the child asks why, is heading for trouble - as is the habit of involving the other partner: "oh, you must ask daddy/mummy about that."

Creative Librans often excel in careers such as fashion design.

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