Libran intuition comes into its own with investments

that interest them, such as their favourite group of department stores or a large cosmetics company, they can get really involved. Libran intuition (a quality often ignored by astrologers) comes into its own when investing, and they should listen to what it is telling them - in most cases it is unlikely to let them down.

As far as financial risk is concerned, there are times when they get rather too excited by a new business venture or project, and it is easy for them to get carried away and over-invest. If someone they know is starting a business they may become rather too soft-hearted and give them more partnership in business is as important as it is in personal relationships. If, for instance, the Libran enjoys meeting the public and selling, that will be the best role for him or her. A "sleeping", behind-the-scenes partner will be ideal - someone who is firm; who will prevent Libra from getting carried away with expensive premises, advertising schemes, and the like; and who will see to the accounts and give strict advice as far as expansion or the employment of extra staff is concerned. This kind of partner is essential to take all the more boring aspects of the concern off the shoulders of the outgoing, charming Libran salesperson/joint owner.

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Antique Collecting

Antique Collecting

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