Libra in permanent relationships

"We're moving in together"; "Guess what? I'm engaged, and we're getting married." Librans will be almost more excited to tell us their news than they are by the news itself. If wedding bells are going to ring, the Libran woman will probably be more eager to spend money and time planning the big day than women of other signs. It can be the case that their concentration on the event itself will be more intense than any focus on the long-term future of her or her partner.

Once committed, they blossom and will attain a new and rewarding level of psychological wholeness and inner

satisfaction. But from marriage onwards, or from the time of setting up house together, Librans need to be continually reassured that they are loved, wanted, and desired. They can set about reassuring themselves by some odd tactics. They will, for instance, consciously pick quarrels to "rock the boat", because the making up process is so delightful and cosy to them. If this is the case, serious outbursts will occur, and if the partner doesn't recognize these tactics early on, the resulting conflict will be extremely uncomfortable. Even if the partner comes to know about what is going on, such tactics can become boring, and for no good reason can cause serious damage to the overall atmosphere of the partnership. This warning should be taken quite seriously: not simply because of the arguments and tensions that can arise, but because if the partner gives in to the situation and Libra is allowed to switch between nagging and smothering affection, it can become almost impossible to put up with.

Once they settle into a permanent relationship, it is all too easy for Librans to avoid decision-making even more

A Libran can be a good parent, although there may be a tendency to spoil the child at times just to get some peace.

Perhaps the most central decision for couples is whether and when they want to start a family. Librans are more than likely to say: "We needn't decide right now - let's wait and see - we'll cope when and if." All well and good, but it must be remembered that a Libran who has a child without feeling a strong need for one is likely to find parenthood an irksome and stressful business. when their desire for children is strong, Librans make good parents - though they tend to spoil their children in order

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