Libra in love

The skies are constantly blue for Librans when they're in love, and everything is sheer bliss. But how easily and frequently they fall! Their need to relate in partnerships is extremely important to them - to the point that they are unfulfilled until they find the right partner. And then each partner in turn starts out being the right one for them.

Here that typical Libran indecision and procrastination flies out of the window - they so often rush into a relationship, failing to wait for it to develop at a more natural pace. They need as soon as possible to be able to say "we" rather than "I". At times they will mistake polite flattery for a declaration of love, especially in a new relationship. Most learn through painful experience to be sceptical and build up a resistance to flirtation to help them avoid disappointment and heartbreak.

Librans are great romantics who want every stage of their relationship to be colourful, beautiful, and memorable. Women can expect wonderful bouquets and gifts from their Libran men and men may safely look forward to enjoying specially fine candlelit dinners with their Libran hostess decked out in the most sexy outfit she possesses. When Librans realize the power and persuasiveness A Libran bride wil1 plan fVV.* i- j f her wedding in great

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make stunning partners who keep romance alive for a long time. But God help the poor partner who happens to forget an anniversary!

Librans too often fall in love with love, and sometimes need a partner without necessarily wanting what a true partnership entails - something to do and someone to talk to when they are not in bed. They can simply be unaware of the other elements in really successful bonding - the true compatibility and friendship which are so important if living together on a day-to-day basis is to be a happy and successful experience. It is only when they do learn this that they are really ready for permanent relationship or marriage.

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