Libra in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

There is always something particularly pleasant at the prospect of meeting up with our Libran friends. Whether we have arranged a splendid dinner at a favourite restaurant or are having a quick get together over coffee, their easy style will make for an interesting catch-up with our respective news and gossip. Having a lively exchange of opinions on joint interests will be fun, and we know that we will part feeling more light-hearted than when we met. we must, however, be prepared to be rather firm at times with their tendency to procrastinate. If we want to go to some event, for which its necessary to book in advance, we should get on and do the booking. A Libran is all too likely to put this off until all the best seats in the price category we want have been sold - or even until the show is completely sold out. Yes, they really would like to try a new skill and take classes, but, well, now isn't perhaps quite the time for it. we must contrive to keep one step ahead of them, offering lots of encouragement and gentle goading so that they don't go off the idea and waste what could turn out to be creative or innovative potential. Librans benefit from sharing interests with like-minded friends and generally discussing related problems, and this makes for really good opportunities to strengthen the ties of friendship.

Librans can be pretty resentful, and the chances are that, while describing someone's unwelcome reaction or behaviour, they will remark, "how can she treat me like that after all I've done for her?" They do like acquaintances to be openly and enthusiastically grateful for their kindnesses, and it is up to us to be tactful and ready with a believable excuse when we forget to be as gracious with our gratitude as we should. It is worth remembering, too, that they find it difficult to understand why some zodiac types are less outwardly expressive than they themselves are.

Libran men are romantic and will shower a new partner with wonderful bouquets and lavish gifts.

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