Libra as moon sign

Moon-in-Libra people are the peacemakers of the zodiac. They express sympathy and kindness, with total awareness of what is going on in any situation: the immediate response to any tricky or difficult situation will be to attempt to sort things out quickly, quietly, and amicably. Libran tact and diplomacy, which emerges poignantly with the Sun- and Rising-sign people, is heightened when Libra is the Moon sign. However, in personal matters, the tendency to procrastinate over decisions will still be very much in evidence. It is necessary to look at the individual's Sun and Rising signs to see


One particularly amusing way in which to recognize a Libran relates to the symbol of their sign, the Scales, and is likely to be noticeable whether they are Sun-, Rising-, or Moon-in-Libra types. In conversation, especially when they are listening to what we are saying, they will tend to move their heads from one side to the other, as if they really are weighing up our comments! The women often enjoy clothes which are asymmetric in design - but adding some pretty accessory to keep the overall appearance well balanced.

appearance well balanced.

at what point, after the initial lunar uncertain response, stronger and more decisive or assertive characteristics take over. An emphasis on Leo, Scorpio, or Capricorn will offer few if any problems, whereas Cancer or Pisces could increase the tendency towards uncertainty.

These individuals usually give the impression of being laid-back, and this is often indeed the case. The tendency is very much emphasized when those with the Moon in Libra speak in a rather slow and drawling manner, giving the impression that they have a relaxed lifestyle and live life at their own easy pace.

Bringing out the best in other people is something dear to the heart of the Moon-in-Libra person. Here are caring hosts who love to entertain, usually pretty lavishly. When guests arrive, they will immediately look after them, make them feel at ease, and make sure they have someone interesting to talk to. The food they offer will be delicious and rich. They will give the impression that absolutely nothing, whether it be time or money, has been spared to make any occasion thoroughly entertaining -lavish, memorable, and successful. Any Libran influence leads to a penchant for good living and luxury, and Libran Moon people respond very readily and willingly to this, wanting others to enjoy it as much as themselves.

Libran friends are easy-going, but find it hard to plan things far in advance, putting off decisions about where to go or what to eat.

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