Libra as a sun sign

Apart from being the only zodiac symbol that does not represent a living creature, the symbol of the Scales has an extremely interesting and important meaning for Sun-sign Librans. Balance and harmony are crucial to their lives, and it is vital for their wellbeing that they are as free as possible from upsetting arguments and from anything that seriously disturbs their peace and quiet.

In quest of the balance they consciously or unconsciously need, a great many of them will simply "wait and see" when it comes to decisionmaking — sometimes for so long that the problem goes away, unresolved. It is not without reason that they are often accused of "sitting on the fence"; when, for example, they are involved in a discussion that becomes an argument between two other people, the moment they realize they are going to be pressed to take one person's side against the other, they will simply refuse. Their reluctance to upset one of the two friends is total. But they are natural diplomats, and if they do decide to intervene it will be as an honest broker, a go-between who will, in the end, probably be able to suggest a number of ways out of the argument or quandary, so that problems are solved in a highly civilized manner.

The illustration for October from the Très Riches Heures du Duc de Berry (1416), with the Scales of Libra shown in the astrological chart at the top of the image.

The Scales of Libra, as depicted on the calendar page for October from the Bedford Hours, an illuminated manuscript produced in France in around 1423.

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