Libra and money

Librans love to spend money, often shopping till they drop. Organizing their finances and filling out tax returns will be extremely boring for them, but they do have to keep the peace with the taxman, and will eventually get round to all that form-filling - or employ an expensive accountant to do it for them.

When investing on the stock market, indecision could be their downfall because of missed opportunities, so they need a trusted advisor at these times too. If Librans invest in areas

Librans need good business partners when setting up shop together.

financial support than they should, and so risk losing a lot of cash by ignoring all practical aspects of the project. They should also be careful not to put all their financial eggs in one basket - there is a tendency to do so simply because it will save them having to make multiple decisions as to how to split up their capital.

Should they have the opportunity to go into business for themselves, they should not do so alone. The need for

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