Leo in permanent relationships

Having decided to form a permanent relationship, the Leo partner must be aware that it is all too easy to take the lead and not pay enough attention to the actual partnership. If it is going to succeed, the relationship needs a strong element of sharing. In some cases, where the partner is less assertive, decisive, or ambitious, strong leadership may be necessary. If the Leo is astute, he or she will gradually and tactfully increase the partner's inner strength and confidence, without them actually realizing what is going on. Most Leos make sure that their partnership is fun and enjoyable, and that unexpected surprises occur from time to time, and not just on birthdays and anniversaries. In order to indulge their partners, chances are that the

Ballet is the sort of activity in which a Leo parent will over-encourage their child.

Leos will have booked at the best hotel or restaurant in town, or arranged a trip to a romantic location or an exciting city. And this is equally true whether they can afford it or not.

Leo's Strengths

What makes Leos good partners is the fact that they can be a real power behind the throne, because they can identify with their partner's ambitions. In most cases, in fact, they themselves would certainly have set their sights on something - probably creative - which is dear to them and that they know they will achieve in due course. At times like this, the Leo determination is certainly a force to reckon with.

Many Leos seem never to forget what it was like to be a child. How frustrating life became when their questions were evaded or unanswered by their parents, and how difficult it was to make even the most adored Mum and Dad really understand what they wanted, and what they had to say. It is because of this characteristic that Leos make excellent parents.

There is, however, one word of caution. while desperately wanting their children to be happy and to have everything they themselves lacked as children, Leo parents must be careful that they do not over-encourage their children to specialize in some activity simply because they had not had the opportunity to do so when they were young. Ballet and football are typical areas where this kind of over-zealous encouragement frequently takes place. Being certain of what the child himself or herself wants to do, and encouraging them in that direction would be far more rewarding in the long run.

are typical qualities of Leo.

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