Leo in love

When Leos fall in love, their inner psychological Sun shines brilliantly. They fall really hard and quite often. when things go wrong, we can see it in their faces - that inner Sun, which is so much a part of their personality, is suddenly wiped out by storm clouds. Their hearts are broken rather frequently, maybe because their partners find Leos simply too much to keep in step with.

However, once their love is reciprocated, Leos will go out of their way to make their partners happy. They will be showered with a plenitude of love, affection, and attention by the Leo.

Leos are generous to a fault in all respects, but they need partners who respond well to all this splendid treatment, otherwise the relationship will sink like a lead balloon. They are faithful, and they relish giving their lovers encouragement to be successful in their careers and hobbies.


Leos are far more sensitive than most people realize. When they are hurt, they do not make a fuss about it, but retire to their lair and lick their wounds in private while putting on a brave face outside. This does not, however, mean they are incapable of dramatic scenes - they are, and when the Leo roars, everyone knows about it. However, magnanimity is also a part of their make-up and the ^ well-developed Leo

Leo's Sexual Appetite

Sexually, Leos are generous, and their warm hearts make them passionate and in need of full expression and satisfaction. Their partners must remember that they like the best of everything, and the setting for lovemaking must be as special and romantic as possible. Any chance of interruption, discomfort, or not feeling warm enough - anything lacking in the full romantic scene - will not favour a flowering of the Leo passion, which will inevitably have a measure of the dramatic about it.

When things are just right, Leos are extremely happy and that infectious happiness will result in a truly fulfilled partner and partnership.

Leos expect too much from their lovers, and when they fail to measure up to Leo's high standards - for instance not dressing in a way that pleases the Leo, being late, lazy, or forgetful - there is potential for trouble. Leos are not usually tactless, and should work out well in advance the best way of encouraging their lover to come up to their own high standards. If they do not, they will be at risk of making their lover feel small.

However, with encouragement from the Leo, improved standards will be acquired and then the pleasure of showing him or her off with true Leo pride will be achieved. In doing so, the lover will also be moving upwards and onward in life and career.

The best table in a restaurant is exactly what a Leo will plump for when they decide to treat their loved one.

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