Leo in Friendship Love and Permanent Relationships

Family and friends will find themselves the beneficiaries of a Leo's desire to impress, whatever their age or financial position.

There is an element of youthfulness in the way Leos relate to their friends. They want everyone to enjoy being with them, and to join in everything that is entertaining, memorable, and rewarding. Outings will be planned with great enthusiasm and expectation, and in a certain Leo style. How this is interpreted will, of course, very much rely on the size of their budget - whether they are going to "treat" us or make the decision to ''go Dutch".

Leo girls will always find ways to treat themselves on a modest budget, such as with a good coffee.

show off to their friends - though some would say so. It is far more likely that they just want to make sure that their friends are having a good time. They hate ''making do'', and will soon see to it that this does not happen: a typical girls' inexpensive morning out will be a small cup of coffee in the best coffee shop in town, followed by a wander through the mall with the famous designer stores - even though they know they can't afford to buy that Armani dress.

Life's Givers

Whatever their age or financial position, Leos really like to give pleasure - ''better to give than receive'' is one of their mottos. Even if they are on a tiny income, they will go for the best. It is not the case that they want to

Leo Flair

When funds don't allow Leos to spend with abandon, their creativity and inventiveness come to the fore. Leos will go to the market, buy a bargain length of fabric, and create something that roughly resembles the gown of their dreams. They will encourage their friends to believe that they too can have a unique garment, even if it is hurriedly thrown together, to be worn that very evening.

Friends Indeed

Leos are faithful friends, and will keep in touch over long years of absence and distance. They will always encourage their friends to get as much out of life as possible, but must be careful not to become dogmatic and bossy. Most importantly, they must learn not to be upset when their advice falls on deaf ears. The lack of positive response will irritate and frustrate Leos, as, in their own minds, they will know for sure that their words of wisdom were good.

Believing that they are always right is a problem for Leos - and their friends. They should think again, because occasionally they can be horribly wrong or inconsiderate of their friends' true needs and feelings.

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