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The Leo child (whether Leo is a Sun-, Moon-, or Rising-sign influence) should be happy and contented, and enjoy good food. The introduction to nursery school in most cases will provide few problems. They will ^ soon discover the paints, and will delight in the brightest of colours, which will be splashed on with terrific gusto.

Quite soon, hints of Leo organizing ability and possible bossiness will emerge as the youngster tells her little friend that she should go over there, or that she's taking up too much room. This will be a source of considerable amusement to parents and those in charge, but the tendency needs to be watched because, while it's important to allow Leo's organizing ability to develop, bossiness needs controlling.

Here is a sign that loves to show off and to take centre stage. If and when they do, it is essential that praise is

Painting with the brightest colours will appeal to the young Leo.

Painting with the brightest colours will appeal to the young Leo.

given, and given freely. Young Leos thrive on it - but here again, encouragement to let others perform as well as encouraging the Leo to admire what friends are doing, is very important if young Miss or Master Leo is not to become a little showoff moppet.

Constructive Feedback

Once at school, young Leos must be encouraged by the teachers. Of course, like all children, they will need a lot of correction, but it must take the form of constructive criticism. Otherwise they can deflate all too easily and retreat into their own little lion's lair, and progress may come to a stop. They will really believe that their work and they themselves are ''no good''. When criticized, they do need to know why, and if what is good about their efforts is also pointed out to them, they will take corrective steps and make progress. Leo sensitivity must be recognized.


Because Leo rules the heart and spine, it is important that Leos keep their cholesterol in check, and take care of their spine when sitting at desks for long periods of time. Because of their creative instincts, exercise will be more enjoyable if it is combined with some form of artistic expression - free dance, skating, sequence swimming, T'ai Chi, will be inspiring and extremely good for them. Those attracted to heavy sports will enjoy team games, but will aspire to be the captain. They will need to be aware of the vulnerability of their spines, and, to some extent, their ankles. Keeping warm is essential or circulation will suffer.

The practice of T'ai Chi

Further Education

University days will certainly be enjoyed, and, as ever, the level of achievement will very much rest on the inspiration gained from the lecturers. The choice of subject to read is, of course, a matter for the individual, but while Leos may be attracted to something simply to prove they have the capacity to attain a degree, it will be better for them to choose a subject that will help promote their eventual career. If they do this, their natural enthusiasm will get them off to a good start. However, it must be admitted that a lot of precious university

The practice of T'ai Chi

Studying at university or college will be most effective if the course is vocational.

time will be spent on the sports field, or enjoying the college's drama or arts clubs.

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