Leo as ascendant

A certain well-known English astrologer always used to say ''when Leo rises, the only thing to do is to keep it down'', which was a considerable confession since it was her Ascendant sign. Everyone who knew anything about astrology was well aware of it working extremely powerfully in her case.

all leos have their own kingdom'

Because they have special powers from the Sun - the source of creation -there is an element of creativity in this zodiac type. This does not mean that they are all actors or performers (although an element of ''performing'' does show up somewhere along the line). Their creativity is expressed in a great many ways - from a clever use of colour in a simple flower arrangement, right up to the practice of the fine arts. Many Leos will express their creativity in the joy of parenthood.

The skyscraper is a natural domain of the most power-hungry Leos.

In Rising-sign Leos, some very strong characteristics are forcefully expressed, unless the individual's Sun sign endows them with a certain meek and mild quality, which counters the fiery qualities of Leo. While enthusiasm, optimism, generosity, and a certain amount of creativity is present, the tendency to be dogmatic and pompous is usually pretty much in evidence. In extreme cases, there is even a propensity for these people to assume that they know better ^ ■ than anyone else. It is vital that they become aware of this unlikeable trait.

The skyscraper is a natural domain of the most power-hungry Leos.

Material Success

The desire for material success is often stronger than in Sun-sign Leos, although here too we have those who love quality, and for whom only the best and most expensive is good enough. As a result, there is a tendency to ignore any inherent creativity. This is a pity because they could get psychological satisfaction from even the most simple expression of the creative urge. For those who have their Rising-sign characteristics in balance, psychological wholeness and inner security will be combined with a measure of humility. The strength of the sign will be expressed in ways that are beneficial and rewarding to not only the Ascendant Leo but also to others. Attainment of this balance is not always forthcoming, however, and sometimes it is difficult for Rising-sign Leos to learn from their own mistakes. Vanity and the conviction that they really are ''the best'', and that only they know what is right, can tend to hold them back.

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