Leo and money

In theory, Leos need to make a lot of money, because they like to have the best and the most expensive of everything. For instance, it is interesting to notice that no matter how glamorous their costume jewellery may be, they will be eager to convert to the real stuff as soon as possible.

But they are in no way stupid with cash. Leos will be very good at saving for really important things in life, like a house or car. Starting off with an old banger, they will be keen to move on to something far more spectacular. Because they love their homes, the same attitude will apply. The tiny studio apartment will put them on the housing ladder, but they will be ambitious to move on to something more grand, where they can accommodate friends, not to mention a well-planned family.

Handling their Finances

Leos are generally good organizers, and this ability certainly applies to finance. When they have the cash to invest, they are cautious. They will take a slightly lower rate of interest rather than trusting an over-ambitious scheme. As investors, unless they are really impressed by a new enterprise, they will go for well-established, large organizations and for products and businesses of a type that interests them. Large department stores and five-star hotel chains will be popular, as will any industry where the products are of a high and extremely reputable standard.

Although they soon realize that get-rich-quick schemes are not for them, Leos do, occasionally, like to have a small flutter. For instance, the excitement of a glamorous casino will be fun, but we know many sensible Leos who put what they can afford to lose in one purse and their winnings in another, and so always go home without a damaging loss. Once their original stake money is gone - that is the end of it.

Other attractive risks include becoming an "angel" for a show or film. Here again, they must not be tempted to invest more than they can

Making videos for local broadcast may turn Into a second Income stream for resourceful Leos.

afford to lose. However, the temptation will be considerable for someone who is probably crazy about showbiz.

A Second Income

Somewhat like Aries - one of the other fire signs - they are enterprising, and with time, may well develop a second stream to their source of income. Perhaps buying a high-quality video camera and getting their editing up to such a standard that a local cable company shows interest in their results; or they may sell paintings at a local art show. These kinds of enterprises are particularly good for Leos who are not expressing their creative talents in their careers. We seriously suggest they give this some careful thought.

"becoming an 'angel' for a show or film is an attractive risk for leo"

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