Leo and careers

Job satisfaction is of above average importance to this zodiac group. They are good organizers, disciplined, enthusiastic, optimistic, and like things to be right - all qualities which need full expression in the Leo career or profession.

As Leos are somewhat conservative and cautious in their outlook, they tend towards the conventional, but the influence of the Leo fire element comes into its own when new projects or productions are mooted, and they go with the flow. So, whether the choice is big business, politics, theatre, or the fine arts, here we have someone who will go far, be steadfast, and will not easily give up when facing challenges.

Leo determination is in a class of its own, and they will direct their physical and emotional energy to achieve their hearts' desire. It must also be said that Leo is a show-off, and will make a good but sometimes rather pompous boss, who will be a stickler for what he or she knows is necessary for the success of the company or organization. He or she will, however, be free with praise for employees.

Professionals Through and Through

It is often said that Leos do not have hobbies, only careers. From time to time, a much-loved interest will be studied and practised in depth with a view to it becoming a profession in due course. They will often be eager to gain extra qualifications along the way, in order to prove to themselves and others that they can attain a high standard. In fact, if Leos are merely

Studying at university or college will be most effective if the course is vocational.

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