Jupiter through the zodiac

jupiter in aries

Jupiter's natural optimism and fiery enthusiasm sits comfortably and positively when the planet is in this sign. It adds an independent and freedom-loving quality to the nature. Here too is adventurousness, and a J pioneering spirit which will also encourage sportsmanship and the Aries need to win, to be first, to be way out in front of one's rivals.

There will be a quality of quick decisiveness which can sometimes lead to premature action. There is increased accident-proneness and a tendency to sometimes take unnecessary risks; but equally the intellectual and studious side ofJupiter will find fascinating expression.

jupiter in taurus

Here Jupiter contributes bonhomie, a great love of good food and wine, and a taste for comfortable and sometimes extravagant living. Jupiter will also encourage investment - these people are ambitious for a healthy bank balance which will give them an added sense of security and, of course, an increasingly comfortable lifestyle. If they are not careful all that good living will inevitably have a negative effect on their waistlines, hips, and thighs.

Here Jupiter is not usually in an intellectual mood, but as these individuals grow older a philosophical attitude to life will develop.

A freedom-loving nature is engendered by the placing of Jupiter in Aries.


Distance from Sun 778 million km

(484 million miles) Orbit around Sun 11.86 Earth years Rotation on Axis 9 hrs 51 mins

Satellites 16 Keywords Expansion, optimism Rules Sagittarius (and traditionally Pisces)

A freedom-loving nature is engendered by the placing of Jupiter in Aries.

jupiter in gemini

Jupiter often causes intellectual restlessness, along with vacillating opinions on important matters or, during further education, changes of study courses. Consistency of effort is something that should constantly be strived for, otherwise what potentially is a very good mind will not develop as fully as it should, thereby cutting down on the chances of success. Here are clever individuals who are broad-minded and versatile, and who will take a tremendous interest in everything going on around them. They can play Devil's advocate in discussions, getting away with outrageous comments simply to stir up other people.

jupiter in cancer

Here Jupiter is beautifully spiced with Cancerian intuition and emotion. These people are extremely kind and sympathetic, with an understanding of human nature and of others' problems. The imagination is increased and can be used in ways that emerge from other sign and planetary influences; sometimes there is a talent for writing. Cancerian changeability causes opinions to alter considerably from time to time, but, at its best, this trait encourages flexibility and an open-minded attitude.

Home and family life will be of above average importance, and these individuals make excellent, if sometimes worrying, parents, who will be keen to stretch their children's minds.

jupiter in leo

The Leo influence on Jupiter adds optimism, enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and ambition. It injects a sense of drama and showiness, which if controlled adds effervescence, but if allowed to get out of hand can become bombastic. Here too, is generosity and a liking for the best of everything. Leo is a sign of creativity and this will be expressed in any number of ways - acting, dance,

Film-making is possible as either career or hobby with the Jupiter-in-Leo combination.

An appetite for life's luxuries is a hallmark of Jupiter-in-Leos.

An appetite for life's luxuries is a hallmark of Jupiter-in-Leos.

Film-making is possible as either career or hobby with the Jupiter-in-Leo combination.

creative writing, and film-making. There are powers of leadership and an excellent organizing ability. These individuals often do great work with children and young people.

jupiter in virgo

The key here is breadth of vision - absorbing the big picture in situations and projects - even though Virgo is actually the sign of detail and the close examination of facts. If those with this placing are aware of this conflict, it is possible to make it work extremely well, so that they attain the best of the two extremes. One thing is certain: the mind will be brilliant, with a quick grasp of an intellectually demanding situation. Provided that Virgoan inhibition or lack of self-confidence does not block the flow of practical and lively thoughts and ideas, success is assured.

jupiter in libra

This placing endows individuals with sympathetic friendliness and natural empathy. There is a great desire to please, especially lovers, and considerable generosity will be showered on them. Libran charm will be present, and altogether these are lovely people to be with. There is a huge love of luxury and keenness to make money. A tendency to procrastinate will definitely be present, and if we chide them for a somewhat languid attitude they will in turn chide us for being in too much of a hurry! These individuals might well make "que sera, sera" ("whatever will be, will be") their motto in life.

jupiter in scorpio

Both planet and sign encourage individuals to live life to the full, and these two powerful forces will be the source of considerable incentive to live a consistently hard-working and busy life, so that psychological fulfillment grows and energy is burned up in a very positive and rewarding way. There is immense depth and an intense sense of purpose with any Scorpio influence, and when Jupiter's breadth of vision is added these individuals can have the best of both worlds. The tendency to work too hard and too fervently, however, can lower their reserves, resulting in burn-out.

jupiter in sagittarius

This is the sign Jupiter rules, so its influence is considerable. Here is breadth of vision, optimism, enthusiasm, and the need to look ahead. A brilliant mind; all intellectual powers should be used and enjoyed. Here are "eternal students", moving on from one subject to the next for the sheer enjoyment of learning. There is a poor grasp of detail, as it is felt to be boring and best left to those who enjoy intricacy. Blind optimism, risk taking (sometimes financial due to gambling), and participating in dangerous sports need to be controlled.

jupiter in capricorn

Here we have a classic blending of positivity and negativity - of extraversion (Jupiter) and introversion (Capricorn). Not that all those with a Capricorn influence are shrinking violets; far from it! These individuals are ambitious and determined to achieve objectives. Challenges will be considered in a practical and common sense manner, and enjoyed. Responsibility will be gladly accepted, and one thinks of these people as perhaps the quintessential good boss or senior lecturer who knows how to keep a distance, but will be there to help and encourage staff/students as and when necessary.

jupiter in aquarius

This interesting placing for Jupiter endows individuals with humanitarian qualities and a strong need to express

Volunteer work, such as joining a mountain rescue team, will hold a strong attraction for individuals with Jupiter in Aquarius.

them in whatever way possible. Aquarian independence will be in evidence, but these are extremely friendly people who enjoy a rewarding social life with a great many friends and acquaintances. Impartiality, tolerance, and a good understanding of human nature make them sympathetic yet unbiased in outlook and opinion. There will be an abundance of originality, and enthusiasm for scientific interests and technology - often for astronomy and space. Jupiter in Aquarius tends to suggest a picture of a zany professor.

jupiter in pisces

The traditional ruler of Pisces will contribute a philosophical outlook with strong spiritual beliefs, whether associated with an accepted religion or New Age concepts. There is a very great deal of intuition which, while these individuals must listen to it, must be balanced with logic and common sense to prevent emotions being over-dramatically expressed. There is a compassionate spirit and tremendously sympathetic and caring rapport with other people. There are those who have genuine psychic powers; it is essential that they work with someone experienced in these disciplines to prevent negativity or misguided use.

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