Here are people keen to understand themselves, but who at times find it difficult to accept their failings. When they do learn to recognize their faults, it will be a good thing and they will be well on the way to psychological wholeness.

Aquarian friendliness is much in evidence, and these people will give help freely too. But when thanks is given in return, they should accept it gladly and in a gracious manner, rather than retreating behind a cool and distant facade.

When Aquarius rises and the question of commitment to a partnership is voiced, be it emotional or more practical (say, at work), they will realize that they have to make certain sacrifices to their all-important independence. This will provoke a real inner battle, and a compromise will be freely accepted only when they totally respect the other person involved and know that in some way the respect is reciprocated. Attempting to get the better of the other person may well be a temptation, but people with this Aquarian influence must really realize that they are not at their best when appearing aloof, stubborn, or even vain.

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