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It is impossible in a book of this nature to do more than skim the surface of the technique of interpreting horary charts. It is an area of astrology in which a great deal of practise, experience, and expertise is necessary. Relatively few middle-of-the-road astrologers acquire this; some, like Deborah Houlding in England and Lee Lehman in the US, have concentrated on the subject, and practise and teach it. Here, we can merely show how to begin to interpret a horary chart by giving an example.

planet and sign associations

Anyone starting to think about horary astrology should first of all look as thoroughly as possible into the significance of the planets and signs. Various emphases on these will indicate the approach to the problem concerned. For instance, we have sketched the meanings of the planets on pp201-45; but in addition to what we have said there about, for instance, Mars, it is important to remember that apart from the suggestions we have made, this planet is also traditionally associated with soldiers and sports-people, those who work with metals (especially iron and steel), with butchers, barbers,

The armed forces and fields of conflict are tradition ally

This horary chart was drawn up in 1646 by William Lilly, the best-known practitioner of this form of astrology.

The armed forces and fields of conflict are tradition ally

surgeons, and psychiatrists; the planet is also associated with extremely hot and dry places, with sports-grounds, operating theatres, mines, and heavy industry, as well as (naturally) battlefields.

In a similar way, Sagittarius is associated with mountains and the countryside, the Australian bush and the outback, race-tracks, stables, and sporting venues, with churches and cathedrals, colleges and universities, bookshops and publishing offices. If someone is seeking a lost or stolen object, an emphasis on Sagittarius would suggest that they should look near a fireplace, on a balcony or high up in any room - or perhaps over the Sagittarian fence in next-door's garden!

difficulties with horary charts

It is not easy to give advice from a chart which has a number of contrasting indications. All an astrologer can do is point out that, yes, the job will appeal to her, and she should enjoy it; but that it will be stressful, and that the indications about finance are not very positive.

Here is another example to show that someone consulting an astrologer should no more expect a black-and-white yes-or-no answer to a question than expect a weather forecaster to be accurate all the time. Sometimes, where indications in the chart are extremely clear, there is an excellent chance that advice will clearly suggest a course of action, and lead to the lost kitten or the stolen diamond ring (and horary astrology sometimes been successfully used in police investigations). In other cases, as in our example, all one can do is hope to clear the mind of the querant, and make a decision easier to reach.


a case history: samantha

This example concerns a young woman who we'll call Samantha. She has been offered a new job and is now deliberating about whether or not to accept it. If she does so, will she enjoy her new role, will she find it hard work, and will she be successful in it? In horary astrology, the first thing we do is set up a chart for the moment at which Samantha asked the question of the astrologer.

Regiomontanus System In this book, all the example charts we have given use a method of house division called the Equal House system. But in horary astrology the Regiomontanus system is preferred. Regiomontanus tables are available in astrological software or through sites such as Samantha's Chart Samantha is represented in the chart by the Ascendant (Sagittarius), its ruling planet (Jupiter), and the Moon -which is in Libra and reflects her feelings of uncertainty. Jupiter is in Gemini in the Sixth House, which will be good for her everyday work. But Mars is on the cusp of the Ninth House, and in Virgo, which suggests that the work will be stressful and that she will have little time to relax. She should try to find time for relaxation, though, because Jupiter is retrograde -appearing to move backward in the sky - which could represent health problems. This is especially so because Jupiter has an opposition from Pluto, and the Sun and Mercury (though very positively placed in terms of the career) are in the via combusta (a section of the zodiac between 15° Libra and 16° Scorpio), and planets placed there can have a negative effect on the health. The Moon's Influence On the other hand, most positively, the Moon is in the Ninth House, which represents, among other things, long-distance travel -and the job offered to Samantha is that of travel agent! Further Indications Health is again put in question by the fact that the position of the Sun suggests that Samantha's vitality could be lowered, and Mercury that stress may be a problem. As far as finance goes, Neptune and Uranus are in the Second House, which represents income. Therefore, in order to avoid complications or even some underhandedness, it is important that Samantha is very careful when it comes to such things as checking contracts and properly recording her expenses.

Samantha's Chart

The Moon in the 9th House, the house of long-distance travel „

Mercury _

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