Geminians give the impression that they are very knowledgeable. While this may be true to some extent, their knowledge is quite often shallow. Actually, they know a little about a great many things. This leaning to the superficial is the worst Gemini fault. They are logical and rational, and their excellent minds work very quickly, which is an enormous asset. But Geminians need to realize that they should be sure of their facts, and should think before they speak or act. ''Don't pull up the blind before there's something in the window'' will be a good motto for them. Geminians can be extremely cunning and deceitful, and can tend to portray their qualities in a negative way. They also have the ability to talk their way out of the most difficult situations.

The Geminian Physique

Geminians are basically healthy and strong, many with a slim, wiry build. However, their arms and hands are vulnerable, and some tend to suffer from broken collar bones or dislocated shoulders. They also are more inclined to get addicted to smoking than others. They should put a stop to it as soon as possible.

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